Lucy - just half the ape she used to be!

In 1974, Donald Johansen dug up a three foot tall 'australopithecine', which he named Lucy. In actual fact only 40% of the skeleton was recovered. Dated at 3 million years, Lucy was heralded as our oldest-known ancestor. Your great, great, great, great (etc) grandma!

Johansen claimed that she walked upright, basing this belief on a knee-joint, which he believed was similar to a human knee-joint. "When pressed he admitted that he had found it about one mile away from the main skeleton, and over 200 feet lower in the strata?" G. Chapman Apes and Men - fact sheet.

Professor of Anatomy, Charles Oxnard, has shown that "they were simply apes and had little relevance to man's supposed evolution". Oxnard's conclusion was fully supported by Sir Solly.

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